Fees and Engagement Process

While some attorneys and paralegals at Inventus Law have worked at large global law firms, we understand from personal experience the value of keeping legal costs down in order to allocate each available resource towards developing the venture’s business.  Our mission for each project is to deliver the highest quality of legal services at the most competitive rates.  We achieve these goals by keeping our costs down, tailoring billing arrangements that take into account the clients’ goals, complexity and time requirements of specific projects and market conditions, providing our clients with tools that allow them to use our services and leverage our resources effectively, and endeavoring at all times to reduce overlap by thoughtfully staffing client teams based on client and project needs.  We provide the following billing options for client projects:

Flat Rates.  To take away the uncertainty involved in estimating legal fees and in order to assist our clients with their budgeting processes, we can provide flat-fee rates for projects on a case-by-case basis.  

Hourly Rates.  Similar to most large law firms, we can also bill on an hourly basis, although at much more competitive rates to legal professionals with our levels of experience and expertise.   As partners in our clients’ success, we are able to provide high-end, quality legal services at competitive prices by keeping costs down and using technology and other tools more efficiently.

Deferred Billing.  In appropriate cases, we can also consider engagements for our pre-funded startup clients by providing deferred billing arrangements for a portion of our legal fees, depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the startup venture.