Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

With the advent of Web3, the legal industry is making leaps and bounds into the future with a focus on new-age business models. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are fast evolving as powerful, decentralized alternatives to the dominant fiat system of money and banking and have the potential to change the way we interact with financial systems. In addition, blockchain technology revolutionizes art and entertainment/gaming with NFTs and the metaverse.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we conceptualize, sign and store contracts to new modes of exchange and asset classes. Many early-stage and established companies are integrating blockchain technology into their day-to-day functioning with substantial reliance on it to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness to achieve business goals. Our cross-border expertise coupled with our geographic footprint in the start-up/emerging company and PE/VC sector, and our depth of experience allows us to offer holistic services to help our clients capitalize on opportunities and meet the ever-evolving challenges of this industry.

Our global team is efficient in advising investors (angel investors and institutional investors) as well as startup/emerging companies throughout this complex process in this fast-growing space, where we play a pivotal role in developing new commercial frameworks relating to Blockchain technology and its many use cases. As this technology evolves, we are prepared to assist companies in navigating through an array of legal and regulatory issues to guide the businesses to the ultimate goal of value creation.

The firm advises clients in connection with a range of legal, regulatory, and business matters in web3/blockchain in the following areas:

  • Cross border technology transactions, including company formation and financing
  • Cross border M&A, venture capital, and private equity investments
  • Blockchain and smart contract-enabled business models
  • Token generating events
  • Capital market activities for Web3 companies and investors
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Intellectual property review and counseling
  • Advising on global, federal, and state regulatory frameworks

We are well networked in the global Web3 ecosystem and particularly in the US, Switzerland (Crypto Valley), and India.  Our team members are considered thought leaders in the space and actively publish niche content and host informative sessions on Web3.

Commercial, Trademark and Privacy Practice Group

Inventus Law has a dedicated Commercial, Trademark, and Privacy Practice team for its Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Practice, which helps its clients in scoping out, drafting, and formulation of legal terms/ agreements between various creators/ artists and clients that provide a tool for the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens.

The team also helps with:

  • Formulation of various e-contracts including privacy policy
  • Terms of use/service
  • Commercial contracting requirements
  • Advises on the implication of data privacy laws
  • Helps ensure compliance with applicable information security laws/ standards from a legal standpoint
  • IP-related support includes but is not limited to filing, prosecution, opposition, assignment, and licensing.