Intellectual Property

We recognize that Intellectual Property is the lifeline for most startups and protecting these rights is crucial for the survival and growth of the venture.  Members of our Intellectual Property Group assist our technology clients in the following areas:

Intellectual Property

Patent Prosecution Practice.  We provide patent prosecution services in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Our in-house patent attorney has over a decade of experience writing patent applications in various information-technology fields such as data science, databases, computer-networking systems, e-commerce solutions, etc.  We specialize in assisting startup companies to establish a broad patent portfolio that protects their core technologies and differentiators at a reasonable initial cost.  We currently represent over 100 startup companies around the world and have achieved a high patent-issuance rate.

Trademarks.  A trademark or service mark is how consumers identify your product, which is why it is important not only to protect your mark, but also to ensure that the mark that you have chosen does not infringe on an existing trademark.  We are experienced in conducting thorough vetting of proposed marks and are skilled to assist you at every step – from filing to registration and beyond.  We also have experience in policing infringing use of marks both in the United States and India.

Copyrights.  We have experience in filing and registering copyrights.  We also have experience in counseling and assisting clients with “work-for-hire” agreements, and assignment and licensing.

Non-Disclosure Agreements.  We assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property rights by drafting and obtaining appropriate non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), from One-Way NDAs, which protect the Company’s intellectual property, to IP Assignment Agreements that confirm assignment of all intellectual property created by employees, consultants, developers and advisors on behalf of the startup back to the startup.  Getting these steps right is very crucial to ensuring that the company rightfully owns the underlying intellectual property and avoids costly, and many times life-threating, litigation.