Technology Transactions

We combine our collaborative approach with our deep experience and business acumen to provide our clients with effective, efficient, and strategic counsel that supports each client’s commercial and legal objectives. In addition to the expert legal advice, we also value and balance the commercial goals and risks that drive a business and we work hard and smart to derive market-based, equitable, and sustainable contractual solutions.

Our counsel, style, and processes are built on the belief that successful commercial relationships require the mutual respect of commercial requirements and capabilities, of risks and rewards, and of culture and values.This respect does not materialize the day the contract is signed; rather, it is nurtured and practiced from the moment the parties first meet and begin exchanging requirements and solutions. When our attorneys partner with our clients’ legal and commercial leaders, we do so knowing that we are joining a collaborative process intended to create value for the parties for years to come.

Attorneys in our Commercial Transactions Group have broad and deep experience in representing companies in the following areas: SAAS Agreements; Technology Licensing Agreements, Re-Seller and Distribution and Supply Agreements, Master Services Agreement; Joint Ventures; and Outsourcing Transactions.  Additionally, attorneys at Inventus Law work with clients to ensure that they comply with evolving laws relating to online content and to capture their business goals by drafting and counseling on Terms of Use Agreements, Privacy Policies, and Click-Through Agreements.