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Inventus Law is the global technology law firm that represents high growth startup companies, founders, angel investors, incubators, accelerators, venture capital and private equity investors based in Silicon Valley, New York, Washington State, Dallas, New Mexico, India, Europe,
Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Africa.


Inventus Law is headquartered in San Francisco, California with other offices in Bangalore and Delhi. The 21 lawyers at Inventus Law are licensed to practice in California, India, New York, Washington State, Dallas, New Mexico, Nevada, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong and are fluent in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin. Inventus Law represents startup corporations from inception through the life-cycle of the venture, negotiating angel and venture financings, customer and licensing transactions, and mergers and acquisitions.

Client Testimonials

Arun Hiremath

Anil was quite instrumental in helping with our business deal while providing appropriate legal support to get the deal put together and closed in record time as needed. Highly recommend!

Chief Business Officer

Michael Maguire

Anil and Inventus Law have been our company attorneys from the very beginning. Anil’s involvement and been essential in our development from Startup through several rounds of financing and most recently during a minority interest acquisition of our company. Anil’s team has handled every detail with complete professionalism and dedication to our needs. Thank you Anil, to you, your team, and Inventus Law.

Managing Director and Founder
ThisCap Inc.

Pavana Jain

Anil has been instrumental in taking us through various stages from new enterprise creation to being efficiently operational and handling funding. His guidance has been timely and exceptional. His legal acumen is unparalleled.

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Salil Pande

Anil is a quick processor of tons of information and then comes up with implementable strategies. His understanding of tech space is deep and wide at the same time, and he supplements it quite nicely with his professional network. Anil is very helpful and gets energized in the company of entrepreneurs. I have enjoyed developing a friend in Anil while working together for several years. A trustworthy professional who is super-sharp and probably one of the best in the US-India corridor.

Founder and CEO

Bavesh Soni

Anil has made it his business to help founders start startups. Over the last four years, my startup has benefited tremendously from his legal advice, industry connections, and personal investment. Founder’s journey is lonely and I am happy to say that both Anil and I have become friends and partners with a shared dream of realizing the vision for our startup. Anil and his team should be on your team as well.

Founder & CTO
Ant Brains Corporation

Srivatsan Laxman

This is the second startup that Anil and Inventus Law has helped me with. Inventus team has always been great to work with and has guided me through the initial formation, legal structuring and investment rounds. Their team of full-service lawyers, India – US expertise, deep silicon valley network and responsive service make them a leading startup law firm in my opinion.

True Lark

Adam Olejniczak

I have been Anil’s client for a while now. Him and Inventus Law are extremely dedicated to their work, and they understand startup founders. Building a company from scratch is already hard enough; I cannot imagine how would I do it without Anil’s help. I certainly recommend Anil as an excellent lawyer to any startup founder.

Co-Founder and CEO

Corbett Drummey

Popular Pays was introduced to Anil and Inventus Law by Y Combinator after we graduated in W2015 because we needed good, affordable, and experienced startup counsel. I’ve been extremely happy with the results. Inventus initially guided us through an LLC to C Corp conversion where we encountered some pretty nuanced circumstances, but Inventus addressed everything without missing a beat thanks to their team’s experience, sharpness, and attention to detail. Afterwords, Anil and his team have been extremely on top of things and proactive in our regular corporate and commercial matters. Anil himself has been a valued, flexible, and responsive business partner through our entire relationship. I’d recommend Inventus to any of my startup friends.

Co-Founder at Popular Pays

Vishal Mishra

We moved to Inventus Law from a big law firm when the big firm was not able to pay attention to our requirements. Since the start, Anil supported us by providing excellent counsel and being supportive of your goals. And, Inventus team played a crucial role in completing our acquisition transaction. I would highly recommend Inventus Law for startup legal work.

Cronycle & Right Relevance

Jonathan Schwartz

Anil was great to work with, and did an incredible and thorough job for Layer By Layer during our acquisition. I would highly recommend Anil and the rest of Inventus for any of your startup’s legal needs.

Co-Founder & CPO at Voodoo Manufacturing

Neil Littman

Anil and Invetus have been an integral part of the Bioverge team. Anil has a ton of experience advising startups and has helped usthink through topics such as corporate structure, fundraising,advisory shares, and much more. Anil and his team are alwaysresponsive and we look forward to every interaction!

Founder & Investor

Jesse Vollmar

Anil is a talented lawyer that knows how to work with startups. He doesn’t waste time on stuff that isn’t important, and knows how to handle the stuff that is. I especially appreciate how when I just need 5 minutes of legal advice, all I have to do is give him a call and he makes himself available.

Co-Founder & CEO

Hari Shetty

Anil came very highly recommended from one of my friends who had hired him before. I’m glad we hired Anil and Inventus Law to help with a venture financing for our venture because our current lawyers at another “big firm” were not able to provide quality advice and were mostly missing from the legal process. Anil and the entire Inventus team did an excellent job, representing the company and founders’ interest while working well with the investor and investor’s law firm so much that the investor has asked to hire Inventus law in future investments. Anil and his team made the whole venture financing process simple for us. Anil and his superb team were always there to help and answer any questions we had. Anil provides a very personable, experienced and responsive advice that goes much beyond the legal advice provided by most other law firms. I highly recommend Inventus Law and we look forward to working with Inventus Law in the future. Thanks Anil!

Founder and CEO, Jifflenow

Joe Freed

Anil is a great startup lawyer and was extremely helpful in guiding Byndr from Day 1. The experience from Anil and team around formation of U.S. and India entities, and the relationship and agreements between those entities was invaluable. Their knowledge is essential to any company building operations in both the U.S. and India.


Anand Anand

Our startup, Minjar worked with Inventus Law from day 1. Anil was the counsel to the company and founders from the initial US incorporation through the setup of the legal and commercial arrangements, financings and all the way through the successful sale of the company. Anil and Inventus Team worked hard and guided the company, shareholders and management through complex legal issues that came up during the process.

Senior Director

Inderjeet Singh

Anil has been counsel to our startup, Trymph Inc., from day 1 and has been a great lawyer and partner throughout our journey, from initial formation to funding to the final acquisition. He was generous with his time, and always had our best interests in mind. We had a low-ball acquisition offer a couple of years ago, and Anil helped us understand the negatives of the deal. With our final acquisition as well, he highlighted and negotiated the deal terms that could be unfavorable. I look forward to working with Anil in my future startups.

Vice President Engineering at Peel Technologies

Kevin Williams

After successfully selling my previous venture, I was looking for a law firm that could help me with my new technology startup. I needed legal services across many business lines. I was introduced to Inventus Law in late 2017 and since that time Anil and his team have been great partners in helping me build Wise Power, from advising on how best to set up a Silicon Valley style company, to negotiating our commercial contracts and successfully launching our crowdfunding Regulation CF initiative. I am looking forward to a long term association with Inventus

CEO of WISE Power

Max Friefeld

Working with Anil and Inventus from the beginning of our company was straightforward and easy, even though we were located on opposite coasts. His team was always available for consultation, and they always priced their time fairly. We’ve worked together for over 4 years, through a previous acquisition, and into our new company. They have been invaluable partners for us.

CEO of Voodoo Manufacturing

Cary Breese

For our startup company, Anil and his team were able to give us unique, insider’s perspective regarding the minute by minute trends in Silicon Valley. As an example, Anil was able to guide us to utilize the recent SAFE investment vehicle from Y-Combinator. While we were unfamiliar with the popularity of this document, once we made the decision to use it in our fund raising, the investors we spoke to were all much more eager to invest given the structure and form was something they were used to seeing from hot startups.

Due to their headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, Anil and his team at Inventus Law provide critical expertise to startups from other regions, including Southern California, that would not ordinarily have access to such up to the minute expertise. As you know, the market in the bay area is highly dynamic, and you need to be close to be in the know. Inventus now has an office in Southern California and I would high recommend startups from So Cal consider Inventus Law, certainly if they intend to raise funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

CEO and Co-Founder at NowRx, Inc

Aakrit Vaish

Anil has been Haptik’s legal counsel since incorporation (2.5 years now). During this time, he has helped set up the company from scratch, worked across 3 separate funding deals, and overall been instrumental in the growth of the company to 400+ employees. As a first time Founder, I have not had much experience working with legal counsel, but I don’t know if there is anything better out there than Anil and the Inventus team. Always one call away (be it whatever time of the day), they have patiently entertained every request we have had, and in particular been a strong pillar through every fundraise negotiating every little detail that is easy to otherwise miss. We look at Anil more as an Advisor and less as a lawyer, and would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Building a winning team at Haptik

Zoli Piroska

Anil is one of the top startup attorneys I have worked with over the last 15 years. He understands that deals for startup companies need to be simple, easy-to-understand and executed fast. He is extremely responsive, flexible and has the mentality of a startup entrepreneur. I highly recommend Anil for early stage startups.

Co-Founder & CEO at Secret Sauce Partners, Inc.

Alex Subrizi

Anil put together a small legal team at Inventus Law to advise us in the founding of our startup. At the outset of the relationship he personally assessed our unique goals and international makeup and gave succinct and effective counsel on how we should proceed. Pricing was very fair and Anil and his team were always professional and understanding as we sought to resolve differences amongst the founders. My highest recommendation.

Client and Creative Services Professional

Prashant Singh

Anil has been our counsel from day 1 and has guided us from the formation stages, structuring our US and India holding structures and on various other matters as our business has scaled up. We have developed a mutual respect for each other and I have always been able to turn to him for advice for my venture. I have also introduced Anil to some of my founder friends, all of whom have had positive experience with Anil and Inventus. I look forward to continuing our association.

Co Founder at Signals

Randall R. Jacobs

I chose Anil and Inventus due to their reputation, experience, attentiveness, flexibility, and flat-rate pricing. From our conversion from LLC to C-Corp, to working with our accounting firm to update our cap table and books, I’ve been happy with their work.

Founder and CEO of OpenBike

Steven Joseph

I highly recommend hiring Anil Advani because of his commitment to providing his clients with the highest level of legal service while maintaining highest standards of integrity and ethics. Anil shares the entrepreneurial mindset of his clients and adds value to their businesses by actively looking out for their interests and proactively seeking potential investors, strategic partners, and advisors to meet their specific needs. If you are planning a start-up, then Anil is a proven asset to have on your side.

Founder and CEO at Pravo Inc

Radhika Padmanabhan

I have been working with Anil and others at Inventus Law for over a year and have been very pleased with the quality of their work, their responsiveness and knowledge, as well as their understanding of the issues that a startup founder faces in the initial stages of growing a company. I wish them the very best.

An Entrepreneurial Technology and Business Leader

Ravishankar Gundlapalli Ph.D.,

We switched to Inventus Law after having gone through an expensive law firm, that was simply too big for us and didn’t offer the kind of guidance and direction we needed. Anil was very highly recommended by other founders and angel investors, and we were introduced at a perfect time. MentorCloud is growing and we needed a counsel who could pay attention to our needs and become a partner in our growth, especially after we were charged a lot of money by our previous big law firm. Inventus Law has helped us get back on track with our legal and capital structure and allowed for the Company to build the right team in the right manner, creating a path for future success. I would highly recommend the firm to any startup or founders looking for an excellent counsel and partner. His team is equally dedicated, skilled and share Anil’s work ethic and values

CEO & Founder of MentorCloud; Keynote Speaker; Mentor

Kedar Mhaswade

Anil and his law firm, Inventus, are my go-to resource for anything legal (both US and India). Period. Startup pressures are such that you hardly have time to go through the nitty-gritty details of the legal structure of your company. Anil loves startups and is especially helpful to first-timers like I me when I founded JyMob. It’s one thing to have an idea of how the startup is to be formed (by “reading up” on the Internet) and it’s another to have your confidant doing this for you at a very reasonable cost. From incorporation to reviewing the convertible notes of term-sheets to making *dependable* 83-b filings for you and your co-founder — all of these are important steps that you can hardly ignore. From the get-go Anil and his staff at Inventus were enormously helpful to us to rest assured that we were in good hands.
I spontaneously recommend Anil.

Lead Engineer

Shailesh Bhat

Anil was on a panel at a TIE event and came across as a practical, trustworthy and personable; all of which have proved to be correct in all my interactions with him since then. I would be happy to recommend and work with Anil any time.

Director - Growth-CRM at Walmart Global eCommerce

Rahul Gupta

All I can say is Anil is an expert and works as if he is a part of your company, we’ve had a wonderful experience with Inventus Law.

Partnerships and Events at TLabs

Saif Akhtar

Anil encompasses the true spirit of Silicon Valley – A staunch businessman but an overall humble guy. A mentor in every sense of the word and one who goes above and beyond for everyone, including the little guy. He and Inventus are invaluable within Silicon Valley!

10xC - Startup Accelerator & Seed Fund

Rakel Solvadottir

Inventus Law has been a great partner in our transition from an Icelandic company to a U.S. based educational technology company. Anil and all the lawyers there have been super knowledgable and responsive to our needs. I’m look forward to continuing to work with Inventus.

Founder / CEO at reKode Education

Tahir J Naim

Anil and I were at Cooley Godward for several years During this time I had occasion to work with him and see the high quality of his work as well as hear praise of his work from other of our colleagues I have every confidence in his skills, knowledge and diligence.

Executive Compensation and Benefits Attorney

Tushar Dhayagude

Anil provided thorough legal advice in the formation of mSilica as well as diligence on term-sheets and closing of the financing round Additionally, Anil acted as a mentor to me and my co-founders Anil’s pleasant but no-nonsense personality and personal integrity make him unique Some of Anil’s important attributes are attention to detail and his ability to navigate easily through complex situations and procedures. We at mSilica are fortunate to have received his services and wish him tremendous success in his endeavors.

Founder at Start-up

Subrahmanyam Divakarla

Anil is a highly organized, keenly smart corporate attorney at orrick. He helped us professionally through out the complete incorporation process and continues to support us in all corporate matters. Anil is extremely knowledgeable and provides right guidance and advice. He is easy to reach out to and answers our questions competently and in a timely manner. He is well connected and helps us to reach out to other professionals in the business.

Director Engineering, Marketing & Commerce Platforms at Intuit

Vimochan Naik

Brilliant Lawyer and a great person to know.

In- House Counsel

Anil Agarwal

I have enjoyed working with Anil – a very amiable person Good advice from time to time and willingness to help all the time Great to have him as our counsel.

Co-founder, VP Business & Operations at Micello, Inc

Trevor Cornwell

Anil is an enterprising and thoughtful person. He has an enormous amount of drive and determination coupled with a keen sense of how to make his clients succeed. He has a strong strategic understanding of the business and entrepreneurial environment in which he practices. To find an attorney who can simultaneously blend a smart attorney’s legal understanding with practical smarts and execute with a strategic vision is rare. Anil does it with an ease and sense of humor that makes him an excellent partner to any growing business.

Founder and CEO at appbackr inc

Himavat Chaudhuri

Anil assisted us with finalising our strategy to launch or channels in the US. He provided us valuable advice on structuring our operations, and protecting our commercial interests. He was always available to us at short notice, and was very flexible in advising us on our ever evolving business models. His knowledge of both US and Indian laws was very helpful in understanding parts of our transaction. Anil is an effective and business friendly lawyer and I would recommend that clients use his services.

Chief Legal and Regulatory Affairs Officer at Tata Sky Ltd

Sandeep Gupta

Anil is a perfect professional and a friend in need One simple request for guidance resulted in detailed report, references and offer for assistance His knowledge on Indian and US laws, keen understanding of the issue involved and great execution with a human touch makes him a rare commodity.

Sandeep Ramesh Gupta & Co

Ankit Agarwal

I met Anil in 2008 at a time when my startup needed a corporate counsel. Beyond the lawyerly guidance, Anil has helped my young startup in numerous ways; connecting me with events and resources at Orrick, potential investors in the valley, and all-round advice about how to grow my organization. I always look forward to meeting with Anil, it’s always a pleasure. Anil has been an invaluable asset to my organization and I look forward to continue working with him.

CEO of Micello, Inc

Vineet Gulati

Anil is an excellent lawyer As a early stage venture, we needed advice and support not just on legal aspects of formation of the company but also on partnerships with other organizations Anil went above an beyond in terms of his support to us.

Advisor at HealthExpense, Inc

Devi BarnardDevi Barnard

Anil has a very personable yet professional approach to his work He understood the business concepts of our company and had very creative suggestions for our start-up needs.

Social Media Marketing, Hyper Growth Specialist, Marketing Strategies, Business Development

Sabya Dutta

It has been a smooth experience working with Anil He helped us restructure an existing company and incorporate a new one and has detailed knowledge of the subject Very accessible and professional.

VP, Marketing and Strategy

PJ Gupta

Anil was helping as for about an year as the counsel for my startup while we were using Orrick His work and follow-up was simply great I would recruit him as an attorney any day without hesitation.

Founder at Checkbook

Sandip Gupta

Anil is an engaging counsel and understands what it takes on the legal front to get a startup off the groud He has worked with many startups that I have advised informally and most of them have appreciated Anil’s knowledge and experience Anil is fairly well connected into the startup ecosystem.

Vice President - Cloud Business at Singtel

Rashmi Singh

In addition to legal advices, Anil brings in business acumen, industry connections and ability to identify possible synergies I have worked with a few companies that he has advised- these folks know how to bootstrap and flourish at the same time.

Vice President, Commercial Banking at Bay Commercial Bank

Mukesh Advani

I have known Anil for more than 10 years He is a very intelligent lawyer with excellent grasp of legal issues and quick assessment of any situation He combines legal skills and business savvy which is really what a client needs but is quite rare He is also very personable and likeable and pleasure to have around I highly recommend his services.

Dental & Medical Counsel, P.C.

Jawad Ansari, CPA

I have known Anil for over 4 years now and have always enjoyed working with him I had also invited him to speak at a TIE-SoCal panel on media and technology and Anil contributed a great deal to the discussion and got very positive reviews from the audience.

Managing Director at Monarch Bay Securities, Mentor at The Founder Institute

Bodo Parady

I would recommend Anil as an attorney to go to steer you through the maze of venture capital and finance Anil worked with me through some of the most difficult periods of venture finance

Consultant, Application, Network and Security Performance Management

Ashish Shrotriya

I have known Anil from beffore he was at Orrick I found him to be extremely competant, patient and knowledgeable He was always available and provided excellent advice He also has extensive contacts in the VC world, which is very useful for the type of clients he serves I would recomend Anil to anyone, any day.

Marketing Manager at Honeywell

Sanjana Prasad Uppal

Anil and I were collegues at British Airways, New Delhi. It was a pleasure to work with Anil. I remember him as an intelligent and hardworking senior who was always ready to help the newcomer, and gave practical advice. He was also very flexible, and was fun to work with. I have known him to be a determined person who always achieved what he set his mind to. I look forward to working with him again, if I ever get the opportunity.

Project Manager at FIS Global

Farhat Ali

We engaged Anil at Lensoo, a startup in Education arena We were very pleased with the engagement as Anil and his firm were responsive and flexible They took time to understand our concerns and provided excellent counsel They also took time to introduce us to the right people which were not in their area of expertise.

Information Technology Executive

Rajesh Setty

Anil has and continues to help several projects I am involved with and it’s always a pleasure to work with him He is sharp, insightful, quick and most importantly – he is caring way beyond what you can normally expect from an expert attorney.

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker

Prakash Narayan

I worked with Anil when I was at Micello Anil is well respected, highly knowledgeable and very good at what he does I would and have recommend Anil to friends seeking a Corporate Attorney at the time of Company Formation and Contract review.

VP Engineering at Early Stage Startup

Muthu Krishnan

Anil is a great person and very Knowledgable from formation of a company ( Start -finish) Very well connected and respected person in the valley I highly recommend Anil Advani for smal, Medium , big-size clients has he comes with extensive experience and expertise.

CO-Founder & CSO at Ribbideo,Inc

Miten Mehta

Anil has been a great lawyer, advisor and friend to KloudData since the inception and has helped the founding team through structuring the capital structure and formalize some complez relationships with vendors, customers and consultants. Inventus Law is a very professional organization that is focused on helping startups get off the ground and supporting the founders through the entire process.

Digital Transformation, Project Leader, Impact Investor and Entrepreuner

Mangesh Panditrao

Anil is very knowledgeable in understanding business requirements across the US and India He is adds value beyond what he is signed up for and looks out for his clients His team is adept at handling complex requirements and deliver high value through their services I will strongly recommend working with Anil and his team for their requirements in startups

Co-Founder, CEO at Shoptimize

Ritesh Ahuja

Have been working with Anil as a client of his law-firm Inventus Law. Anil is a no-nonsense and practical person, who knows what is important for startups, and spends his energies in getting things done rather than wasting time on things that are not very relevant. He is not the kind of lawyer who will spend energies on debating back-and-forth on whether a communication by fax needs to be acknowledged before it is considered delivered, while you watch your time and money being wasted while such things are being debated.

Student, Still Learning

Chandra Reddy

Anil is one of the top notch attorneys I have worked with. I have known Anil for the last 10 years. He understands the requirements of a startup company and tailors the solutions for the type of startup company. He uses his connections to help the companies to grow. Anil is very flexible and responsive. If you are looking for attorney to help with you startup, Anil is your guy. Thanks Anil for all your help.

Principal, Buxton Consulting

Subash Sundaresan

Anil showed a strong understanding of technology, in addition to his expertise in legal affairs. He understands the valley ecosystem of startups, VCs, advisors, etc. and was able to provide valuable advice in the early stages of our venture. Anil is very accessible and helpful. I was always able to contact him and get answers to any questions in a timely manner.

iAd Engineering at Apple

Jas Mundra

I have known Anil since he was at Orrick. His personable approach makes it a pleasure dealing with him. Anil takes an open approach to dealing with individuals in giving advice or looking at business issues. He has the acumen to address the needs of companies at various stages with the added expertise of US and India laws. His latest move in establishing Inventus Law fulfills a critical need given the teams flexible strategies in serving their clients. I highly recommend him.

Managing Partner, Tranzition Capital Group

Venkatash Tadinada

My company had a legal settlement which was being discussed and Anil was helpful. He was more than attorney; he was a friend, who shared legal expertise with you while being compassionate. He was available on phone, and email throughout the process. His staff is very competent too, and they diligently follow up. Will recommend him highly. Gives legal profession a good name.

Manager, Genentech

Deepika Bajaj

Anil would not only prove to be an asset but a catalyst for any organization he works with. He has astute practical dimension in the domain of law services and a sound understanding of business fundamentals which makes him capable of implementing or driving change or manage a situation.

Marketer, Entrepreneur, Growth Strategist

Sandeep Beotra

Anil was an absolute pleasure to work with – he provides his clients the expertise of a senior partner at a top tier law firm with the overall value and intimacy of a smaller firm!

CFO & Head of Corporate Development at Alphonso Inc

Sachin Maheshwari

Anil is a very knowledgeable and sharp lawyer. He is a great communicator which I feel is a very much needed attribute when you are in this profession. More than anything, he is a very pleasing personality and I have always found him to be a great person to work with and be around. I would totally recommend him to any company that’s looking for help on corporate law especially when it comes to startups and US-India cross border legalities.

Managing Director at Zephyr Peacock India

Richard Couch

Anil is a very capable guy in a business where detail counts. His experience is time-and-reality-tested with firms and situations that rely upon the practical and technical grasp of complex matters being handled under demanding circumstances. He understands the venture world and receives consistent credible endorsement from both individuals and firms in this often tough-to-understand business arena. I consider him a professional on whom I can rely, and recommend him without reservation in the areas where he claims expertise.

Chairman/CEO at Diablo Management group

Maruthi Dronamraju

Anil is a great individual and an expert in his field. As the Managing Partner at Inventus Law, he always took good care of us and delivered desirable results every time. Anil & his team supported and guided us in all aspects of our legal needs with great precision and timely advice. It has been a great association, and I look forward to many more exciting transactions with Anil & Inventus Law.

President, CEO, Founder at Clerisoft Inc

Vikas Aggarwal

Anil is very knowledgeable and great to work with. He knows how to get young companies off the ground and most importantly, he is very responsive. We use his services extensively in our company and even as we matured from a startup to a more mature organization, we continue to use his services. Highly recommended.

Advisor & Investor at Multiple Startups

Venkatesh Tadinada

My company had a legal settlement which was being discussed and Anil was helpful. He was more than attorney; he was a friend, who shared legal expertise with you while being compassionate. He was available on phone, and email throughout the process. His staff is very competent too, and they diligently follow up. Will recommend him highly. Gives legal profession a good name.

Data Integrity Program Manager at Roche / Genentech

Sanjeev Agrawal

I have enjoyed working with Anil on numerous ventures. From what I can tell, the entire Inventus team is very knowledgeable, professional and responsive, and they offer a much better option than higher priced bigger law firms. I’d work with Anil and his team any day.

President, Healthcare & CMO at LeanTaaS

Nagendra Shukla

Anil and I met during course of formation of my start-up. He and his firm go way beyond the usual client-attorney relationship. I have always admired his style of doing business, he puts relationships and integrity before anything else, even getting paid. He is one of the few at the top of my list of professionals I look up to.

Hiring Programm managers and Network engineers

Pejman Nozad

I started working with Anil almost 5 years ago when he was at Orrick. Anil had represented the company in which I was an angel investor, and he impressed me with his ability to handle the entire angel group very efficiently. Since then, I have hired Anil to help with several ventures, including representing the Investor group in a $5million Series A financing of a very prominent media company, and several startups where I have been an advisor and/or angel investor. Anil has always been very professional and now with Inventus Law he is fulfilling a critical need in the startup community of experienced startup counsel who is responsive and easy to work with. I look forward to our continued association.

Founding Managing Partner at Pear

Mohit Garg

Inventus Law has helped MindTickle restructure the operations from India to the U.S. and advised the company on all aspects of U.S. and India corporate laws, including funding. The lawyers at Inventus Law are very good to work with, know what they are doing, friendly and good business lawyers. I have enjoyed working with Anil and his team and believe that he is filling a big unmet need for experienced corporate lawyers to guide on India-U.S transactions.

Co-Founder, MindTickle | Helping companies prepare their sales teams for the moments of truth

Vivek Ravisankar

Anil was introduced to me during YC when we first formed the company. Since then, Anil has helped as an advisor and lawyer in all of our corporate and commercial contracts including financings, and advising me on all legal issues. He is also well connected and able to provide advice and introductions to his network in silicon valley.

Co-founder & CEO at HackerRank

Christopher Murphy

Anil has been our counsel from day 1. We hired him because, among 3 other well known firms in Silicon Valley we chatted with, he was clearly the most effective in answering my questions and helping me understand how to address them. The Inventus Law partnership model has been perfect for us and it’s been a tremendous relief and asset, as we’re trying to focus on getting something off the ground (and trying to not focus on anything peripheral to that), to be working with Anil.


Gopi Mattel

Anil has been a great partner to a company of our size and startup growth pattern. He and his team have always been available and able to work at the speed you need. He makes sure he provides great value to customers like us. I would gladly recommend him to other businesses, particularly startups.

Director, Chennai Area at The Founder Institute

Gordon Wintrob

Anil was our lawyer at StackLead and advised us during our acquisition by LinkedIn. Anil and Inventus Law were referred by Y Combinator, a big endorsement from an organization that’s a thought leader for startups and VCs.

Our experience with Inventus Law was excellent. Anil was a great communicator, always willing to answers questions over email or phone at just about any hour. He always seems to have the right answer and understands the challenges of running a startup. I remember one particular phone call with a third party counsel when Anil helped deliver a successful business outcome for all parties.

The fee structure was reasonable and we were impressed by the hard work from the rest of Anil’s team at Inventus Law. For legal advice with future companies, Anil will be my first call.

Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn

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Senior Corporate Associate

Abhilipsa Panda

Senior Commercial Associate

Chaitrali Kale

Commercial Associate

Manya Oberoi

Senior Commercial Associate

Chirayu Biyani

Senior Legal Specialist

Mark Williams

Trademark Manager

Ana Baulch

Office Manager

Inventus Law India

Ashitha Bhagwan

Managing Partner

Anju Menon

Principal Associate

Aishwarya Belle

Senior Corporate Associate

Chirag Ravishankar

Corporate Associate

Priyadarshini G

Corporate Associate

Arvind Ramesh

Corporate Associate


Commercial Associate

Aastha Bhardwaj

Principal Associate

Ansh Srivastava

Trainee Associate

Anupama Iyer

Trainee Associate

Tanvitanya Dani

Trainee Associate

Nishtha Upadhyay

Trainee Associate

Nivedita Pundale

Trainee Associate

Shlok Shetty

Trainee Associate

Of Counsel

Foreign Legal Partners:


Dr. Martín Burbano de Lara Pérez


Federico Serratore


Attila Tiborcz

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