Neha is a seasoned lawyer with over a decade of experience. She specializes in start-up and venture deal law with a focus on cross-border transactions in India. She holds a prestigious Masters in Law degree from the renowned Stanford Law School, solidifying her expertise and knowledge in the legal field.

As a trusted advisor to numerous start-ups, Neha has a proven track record of providing invaluable guidance on structuring, financings, mergers, and acquisitions. Her extensive knowledge of the legal and business aspects of start-up operations, coupled with her ability to navigate the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs, has made her an indispensable resource to many businesses.

Neha’s in-depth understanding of intellectual property law, garnered from her vast litigation experience in India, has earned her a reputation as a specialist in the field. She has advised and represented clients on complex IP disputes, enabling numerous start-ups to navigate the challenges associated with protecting their valuable intellectual property. Her unique combination of skills and experience has positioned her as a go-to lawyer for entrepreneurs seeking world-class legal advice in the fast-paced world of innovation and technology.