Richard Peters has practiced law for ten years and has extensive experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the software, electrical, semiconductor, computer networking and data management fields. In addition, he has written patent applications for a number of large companies including Texas Instruments, VMWare, LSI Logic, NVIDIA and NetApp. Currently Mr. Peters specializes in assisting startups to develop their patent and trademark portfolios.

Richard currently represents over 150 companies.  He has developed patent portfolios for clients who have been acquired by Apple, VMware, Google, HP, Cisco and iManage in acquisitions worth over $330,000,000.

“Four patents drafted by Mr. Peters for an Inventus Law client were recently purchased by Apple Inc.”

In addition to the practice of law, Mr. Peters has experience as a software developer with a biometrics application startup. He is also listed as a co-inventor on several issued patents and pending patent applications involving human/computer interface and smartphone technologies such as “EXPECTATION ASSISTED TEXT MESSAGING – US 2012/0094700.”

In his free time, Mr. Peters enjoys rock climbing and playing chess.


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