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Deepfence, a startup developing a cybersecurity platform focused on protecting cloud-native workloads, today nabbed $9.5 million in funding. The 10-employee company says this investment follows a year in which its revenues and customer base more than doubled.

Some 20% of organizations get hit with cyberattacks six or more times a year, and 80% say they’ve experienced at least one incident in the last year so severe it required a board-level meeting, according to a report from IronNet. Moreover, nearly two-thirds of security professionals who attended the 2019 Black Hat USA conference believe their organization will have to respond to at least one major cybersecurity breach within the next 12 months. Last year, that figure was 59%.

Deepfence, which was founded in 2017 by Sandeep Lahane, Shyam Krishnaswamy, and Swarup Sahoo, offers solutions to protect serverless architecture, virtual machines, and containers from malicious attackers. Deployed as a set of microservices (i.e., loosely coupled services and protocols), the AI-powered Deepfence platform measures and maps runtime attack surfaces to provide a defense against known and unknown threats.

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