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STEP 1: Revise the Client’s Privacy Policy to be compliant with GDPR

  • Send the revised Privacy Policy with GDPR compliant provisions for approval by the Client.
  • Do not include any references to the Privacy Shield Certification.
  • Once approved, have the Client upload the revised Privacy Policy to its Website.

STEP 2: Send the BBB Application to the Client

  • Send the Privacy Shield Questionnaire to the Client to fill in the necessary information including two contacts, titles, web page, email addresses, business address, and URL.
  • Obtain the BBB Privacy Shield Application and send to the Client for the Client to fill in the essential information.
  • Link to the BBB Privacy Shield application at: https://www.auto.bbbnp.org/scripts/cgiip.exe/WService=PrivShield/EUPrivacy/euapp.w.

STEP 2: Pay the BBB Fee based on the Fee Schedule

  • Send the Participation Agreement to the Client for review.
  • Put the Participation Agreement on DocuSign for the Client’s signature.

STEP 3: Send the signed Participation Agreement and revised Privacy Policy to BBB

  • Send the signed Participation Agreement and the revised Privacy Policy via email to EUPSTeam@bbbnp.org.
  • Call [Destiny] of the BBB at 703-247-3658 to make arrangements for Client to pay the BBB charges by credit card payment or ask her to send details for wire transfer.
  • Revise the revised Privacy Policy as requested by the BBB personnel.
  • Obtain the BBB approval of the revised Privacy Policy, including the BBB Director sign-off on it.
  • Have Client upload the BBB revised Privacy Policy (without reference to the Privacy Shield Certification).

STEP 4: Create an Account on the USBOC Privacy Shield Framework Website

STEP 5: Start an Application with the USDOC for Privacy Shield Certification

  • Login to the account created from Step 4 for the Client and go to “Self-Certify” to start a new application.
  • Complete the application and submit the revised Privacy Policy with proper references to the Privacy Shield Certification.
  • Have the Client pay the $375 fee to USDOC.
  • Save the Fee Receipt.

STEP 6: Pay $250 to the American Arbitration Association for the Client’s Company

  • Save the Fee Receipt.

STEP 7: Pay $50 to United States Council for International Business

  • Save the Fee Receipt.

STEP 8: Send the Fee Receipts to USDOC

  • Send the receipts from Step 5, 6 & 7 to privacyshield@trade.gov.
  • Wait for the USDOC to respond to your email.
  • USDOC will likely suggest changes to the Privacy Policy on the portal.
  • Finally, make the changes suggested by DOC and have Client upload the new Privacy Policy with the Privacy Shield Certification provisions.
  • Wait for USDOC to place the Client’s name on the online Privacy Shield List of companies who have certified.

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